• Consultancy Sessions

    Rethink and brainstorm your sales, marketing and communications endeavours.

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    Day of Growth Strategy for Social Entrepreneurs

    10th of July, 2019

    Organisations working in the social innovation field are invited to a 45 min brainstorming session on communications and growth strategy.


    On the 10th of July, 2019 I will be at ImpactHub Berlin at Friedrichstrasse 246.

    Let's get prepared to discuss questions related to communications, marketing and sales activities. If not sure what to start from, I will have a set of questions addressed to you so we can make things clearer.


    To participate, please make sure you give some insights about your project and its relation to social innovations and sustainable changes in the event registration form.


    UPD: Registrations closed. Info about Participants can be viewed on the Word of Mouth section.

    'We’re not only thinking outside the box, we don’t even know where the box is' 

    (a quote from unkown)