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    Ani Andree

    Founder at TimeOff


    Aug 11, 2019

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    TimeOff is a travel project dedicated to rural life and community development in Armenia. The project aims to promote a real understanding of rural life among urbanists while supporting remote village communities through tourism and partnerships.


    Ani dreams to turn TimeOff into a self-sustainable social enterprise so that the typical tourist in Armenia will not be 50+ any longer. As half Diasporan-Armenian, half German, Ani wishes to contribute to a positive development of rural Armenia where job opportunities are scarce.


    Ani says: "I love to work on that project because it teaches me about the daily challenges the rural population faces as well as about the beauty of Armenian culture. Most encouraging for me is to receive immediate and sincere feedback on our impact from locals".


    More details about the project can be found on Facebook

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