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    Ayumi Matsuzaka and Christian Schloh

    Co-founders at DYCLE Diaper Cycle


    Oct 18, 2019

    Ayumi and Christian are co-founders of DYCLE Diaper Cycle, a Berlin-based enterprise that introduces a fundamentally new way of baby diapers reproduction.


    DYCLE’s business model is based on a circular economy mindset through which entrepreneurs want to fight the waste coming from disposable diapers. DYCLE team estimates (roughly) that each child produces around 500 kg of waste from those diapers which later on are translated into CO2 emissions.

    The sustainability approach of the project, however, doesn’t only mean production of eco-friendly diapers, but also an introduction of a product life cycle to reach zero waste in a long-term.


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    Ayumi and Christian work on a product solution that clearly shows us how to connect business models and operations with nature's processes. Namely, the used diapers are recycled by enriching the soil and planting agro cultures. Each child wearing DYCLE diapers will be contributing to apples, pears and other fruits growing on that soils and consumed later on without causing any harm to nature.


    You can learn more about the company and the circular economy models on this real business case (see infographics)


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    Visit company website at https://dycle.org/en 

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