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    Seda Kocharyan and Lilit Mkrtchyan​

    Co-founders at EduArmenia


    June 24, 2020

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    EduArmenia pursues a mission to enhance the educational system from the bottom by providing educators workshops & seminars.


    The organisation builds a platform for all educators in Armenia and Artsakh, meetings are held in multiple languages - Armenian, English, Russian. Regardless of their locations - capital or rural areas, all interested parties can sign up to workshops for free.


    Lilit and Seda say: “Our educators are hungry for knowledge. This can be seen by the number of signups and insightful info exchange that is happening on each of zoom meetups organised 2-3 times weekly. Due to the high interest, recently we increased the zoom room capacity from 100 to 500 seats".


    The organisation brings value with the help of Armenian educators, diaspora experts as well as other international enthusiasts willing to volunteer.


    The workshops are held with experts that are having diverse background but always strong motivation and willingness to impact on a scale.


    At the moment, the ladies are organising 2-days conference - on the 4-5 July, 17 experts from all around the globe will join EduArmenia. Due to pandemic, the 2020 conference is going to be only online. Feel free to directly approach Lilit and Seda to get more information.

    Learn more about EduArmenia:

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    Seda Kocharyan

    Project Coordinator

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    Lilit Mkrtchyan

    Project content & curriculum