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    Ken Rostand

    Co-founder at Circular Budy


    Aug 11, 2019

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    Circular Budy is a 100% eco-artwork made of recycled plastic, selected in Dresden and Berlin. At Circular Budy, Ken is leading design concept, product development and production-related activities. Company's production and plastic recycling partner Kunstoffschmiede / Konglomerat is based in Dresden.


    Ken is a passionate industrial designer and a hands-on development engineer, with a long-lasting relationship with the manufacturing industry. He grew up in Marseille, France, where most of his teenage time was interested in nature, urban subcultures, aesthetics, street art, lifestyles, architecture and design.


    Ken says that likes to create and push meaningful design ideas, encourage innovations, optimise product development processes, be part of smooth production and responsible lifecycles.


    "I highly value and encourage collaborative, human-centred and sustainable design approaches, as well as positive impact initiatives, system thinking and circular economy".


    More details about the project can be found on @circular_budy and Facebook

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