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    Zhenya Makarowa

    Co-Founder at La La Sports


    Aug 11, 2019

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    LaLaSports is dedicated to promoting a vast amount of amazing sports activities to everyone.


    Zhenya is one of the co-founders of LaLaSports. She is inspired by the Pierre de Coubertin's "Sport for Everyone" vision and is outraged by the current norms of accepting kids or adults to sports sections with the evaluations of their physical state and championship potential.


    If you check LaLaSports' online marketplace, you will get amazed by the number of interesting venues in Berlin where you could play badminton, go to ice-skating, roller-skating, fencing, rowing and many more. The platform is rich with the spots in Berlin, but not limited by geographical areas, new locations are added regularly and currently, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland could be spotted.


    Unfortunately, we don't hear much about such sports activities, the sport trend today is limited to abonnements in gyms and yoga venues. Additionally, many of the sports are considered only for professionals for the preparation for the Olympic Games and World Championships. This is the mindset Zhenya with the team intends to change.

    More details about the project can be found on Instagram @lalasports and platform lalasports.co 

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